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A mistake in the first name of my paper in NAUN journal error

You have written a wrong Author's first name for my paper (A Heuristic Method in Monitoring Environmental Parameters using a Floating Input Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks) as addressed in your following link:

I published it in 2008 in NAUN journal when I was PhD student at the Uni. Bremen in Germany. The wrong name is 'Maryam Babazadeh' and the correct name is: 'Mehrdad Babazadeh'. Please revise the first name.

You can see in my second paper, published in the same Journal (NAUN) my name (Mehrdad Babazadeh) in the bottom of the first page together with my supervisor, Prof. Walter Lang.

If you need further document please let me know.

Best regards,
Mehrdad Babazadeh

Mehrdad 2017-08-29 13:31
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